You can bring your own laptop or borrow one from REAP and spend 6 weeks learning with Rachael MacKenzie and gaining confidence to use your computer more competently and independently.

To know that it is set up correctly to do what you like to do, to consolidate basic skills and processes for what you do and to learn new processes to up-skill what you already know.

Rachael will discuss with learners on the first night what they struggle with and what they would like to learn so that the course is tailored to suit the them.

Please note: This course is not for Apple Mac users however we do run Apple courses and you should enquire when this might happen.

Course numbers #06731

Where: REAP House

When: Tuesdays 30 April – 4 June

Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm

ENROL HERE (Please copy the Course Number so you can use it on the enrolment form.)