The Learning Disabilities Association’s first information evening this year, titled ‘Why Is It So Hard?’ will be on Wednesday, 20 March from 7.30 – 9pm in the Wairarapa Community Centre, Perry St, Masterton. All are welcome. For more information email or phone 370 8032.

Do you know children who appear to be bright, but are failing to learn when faced with Reading, Spelling, Writing or Maths?

The Wairarapa Learning Disabilities Association (LDA) has been working in the Wairarapa since 1988, helping students who have problems with formal learning.

Says LDA Coordinator Pauline Shaw, “Because these young people usually display a significant difference between what they are achieving and their potential, they are often labelled ‘lazy’ and told they are ‘not trying’. This failure to learn can result in very low self-esteem and frustration which may mean that the child is seen as a problem.”

When a student is referred to LDA an Assessment with a psychologist pinpoints not only underlying difficulties but also strengths. This Assessment provides information for parents and schools about the student’s learning needs, and is also the basis of the individual tuition provided by a specially trained teacher.

At LDA classroom teachers, parents and care-givers are also given support in understanding more about learning differences with information evenings and a knowledgeable group of committee members and teachers to discuss problems with.