Are you over 18? Driving on the wrong licence or driving without one? Then this course is for you. Course aimed at adults and those not at school. Come along and be supported to brush up on the Road Code, practice reverse parallel parking, blind spots and 3 point turns, go for a 1 hour drive with a local driving instructor on the actual test routes, and we feed you. The course fee includes the cost of sitting the test.

The purpose of the Restricted Licence Course is a booster course to check that you are ready to sit your Restricted Licence Practical Test – this is not a driving mentor program that teaches you how to drive.

Dates:Sunday 23 May 2021
Times: 9.00am – 3.00pm
Venue: REAP House, 340 Queen St, Masterton
Cost: $185 – includes test fee

Must Enrol by: Friday 14 May


Course Tutor(s):  Join experienced tutors and driving instructors to ensure you are confident to sit and pass your test.

Purpose of the Course:  This course is designed to help you become a confident safe driver, and support you to pass the restricted driving test.

Participants will learn about…Refresh the Road Code rules
Practice 3 point turns
Practice reverse parallel parking
Learn about blind spots
Practical driving with a local instructor on one of the actual test routes

Pre-requisites (if any):  Learners licence for at least 6 months and not expired (5 years from date of issue – 2019 expiry dates have a 2 year extension) and enough driving hours that you are confident to sit the restricted test.  (recommended at least 100 driving hours)

Participants Must Provide:  Current drivers licence, a registered warranted vehicle or request to use the instructors.

REAP May Provide on request (if any):  Vehicle to sit the test may be made available on request

This information can be downloaded here.

Please contact for any further information you may require. 

*Please be aware that there is currently a two month waiting list to sit your Restricted or Full Licence tests