T2: Friday 4th June 2021
T4: Friday 5th November 2021

Times: 8.30am – 3.00pm
Tutor: Andrew Mewett, Learning Support Advisor, Ministry of Education
Venue: REAP House, 340 Queen Street, Masterton
Cost: $No Cost- Schools can use the government’s Teacher Aide PLD fund to cover release

Please ENROL HERE or email Trudy schools@reapwairarapa.nz for further information

 Purpose of the Course:  This is a short paragraph about the course and why it is being offered.

  • Participants will learn about…
    • ADHD – Unlocking the potential! 

      This workshop allows you to look beyond the challenges that you are experiencing, exploring the underlying factors for the individual. We will look at some explanations about the causes of challenging behaviour and strategies that can be used to support the young people that we work with; enabling you to develop your planning to help them to reach their potential.

    • Autism – The other factors

      This workshop considers the factors that are not always immediately visible for young people on the Spectrum. We will look at ‘the other factors’ that impact upon a learner with an ASD as well as ways to discover and capitalise upon the strengths of the educator and the student. We will have an opportunity to develop plans to support tamariki in your school.

    • Sensory Behaviour

      This workshop will help you to consider whether behaviours seen in the classroom may have a sensory cause. The main senses will be examined closely. You will have an opportunity to try using sensory questionnaires and this will help you to begin to consider your own and your students’ sensory avoidance and seeking behaviours. Practical exercises will help you to plan how to make your classroom a calmer space and develop plans to meet students’ individual sensory needs.
    • Language & Learning

      This workshop focusses on the strong link between language and learning in the classroom. We will look at how language develops; the impact of language difficulties on daily activities, as well as exploring how these difficulties affect learning. Together we will investigate language strategies to adapt planned activities and interactions in the classroom setting. Our aim will be to support you to enable tamariki to engage more confidently and effectively with learning opportunities at school.