Augmented Reality Sandbox with GNS Science

The 3D augmented reality technology of the Augmented Reality Sandbox shows topographic maps and examples of landforms and water bodies. It is a fantastic tool to conduct hands-on interactive learning exercises and we are excited to bring it to the Wairarapa.

Dates: TBC – The workshops will take place when we are at Level 1
Times: 2 Workshops AM and PM
Tutor: GNS Science
Venue: TBC
Cost: $0

Course Information for Augmented Reality Sandbox

The use of a sandbox to investigate map, landform, and water concepts disarms students and allows them to fully participate and discover.

Small groups of students will move through different learning stations including;

  • AR sandbox.

  • Topographic maps,

  • Environmental activities that consider climate change and erosion,

  • Symbology and graphing,

  • Concepts that will be easier once learned through the interactive sandbox. The scientists facilitating the activities will support the learning process through inquiry-based investigation, that is posing questions, scenarios or problems that will enable the students to understand map representations and concepts, and land and water interactions.

  • Opportunity brought to the Wairarapa by GNS Science and REAP Wairarapa through the Unlocking Curious Minds funding


Please contact for any further information you may require.