Please join us to hear

Anna Gailani talk

A journey from Iraq to New Zealand via Greece:

A remarkable life from refugee to immigration consultant

“I left Baghdad three decades ago,” she says.  “On a hot summer afternoon, I climbed into a taxi with my family to begin the journey.”

“My father had already been taken away by the Mukhabarat – Saddam’s pervasive intelligence service.  He had been anti-Baathist and was made to disappear.  He was only 39 years old and a skilled surgeon who saved lives – all life, be it pro-Baath or otherwise.”

But, she says, the regime punished non-Baathists to the point that it cost them their lives and destroyed their families 

Anna Gailani left Iraq in the mid-1980s fleeing persecution from the country’s leader Saddam Hussein; after more than a decade in Greece, where, after training as a medical doctor, she settled in New Zealand.
Anna retrained here as a translator and interpreter before qualifying as an immigration advisor.  She holds a master’s degree in Creative Writing from AUT, where she is also a lecturer in the Faculty of Language and Culture, and she is currently completing a law degree.
She also runs Mideast Modern, an immigration, translation and cultural consultancy agency that provides cultural training on the Middle East to New Zealand businesses and public organisations.  Mideast Modern also supports refugees and migrants as they re-settle in New Zealand.
Anna Gailani will discuss her experiences of loss, discovery and the quest for a sense of safety and belonging, as well as the cultural challenges Middle Eastern refugees and migrants encounter as they begin to find their way in a new and unknown place.



DATE:     Tuesday, 27th April 2021

TIME:      8.00 pm – with tea and coffee served from 7.30 pm

WHERE:  The Copthorne Hotel and Resort,   246 High Street South,    Solway,   Masterton

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