The Divine River project aims to nurture sustainable personal care choices and develop a greater awareness and understanding of the environmental and wellbeing impacts.
They are aware that sustainability and climate change are critical issues for our society and a key concern for GEN-Z and the wider community. Developing korero around this subject helps individuals to make a difference for themselves, their whānau and their community.
Their one hour introductory workshop explores reusable vs disposable and the reasons tamariki could consider choosing a sustainable approach to period care.
These workshops compliment PE and health curriculums and align with the Hauora model. The workshop is delivered face to face in class, as the hands-on interactive learning experience develops stronger connection for the tamariki with the subject.
The workshop will be delivered by the Divine River project team of Lisa Birrell and Joanne Heir.
Lisa and Jo have recently run successful workshops at schools including Makoura College, Carterton School and South End School.
The workshops can be delivered to girls from Years 5 – 8 and we can join smaller, more rural schools together. We also understand that for some schools, they will have more than 30 girls in the years groups so there is the potential to run more than one workshop at your school.
Workshops will take place in the afternoon.

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