Do it with REAP – Referendum

Learn what you are voting on in the upcoming referendum, and what happens when the votes are counted.


Dates and times to be confirmed – use the enrolment form to let us know which day of the week, and morning, afternoon or evening would suit you best.  We will then contact you to organize a course that suits you.

The session will run for a maximum of 2 hours and will require a minimum of 5 participants to go ahead.

Tutor: Rachael MacKenzie

Venue: REAP House, 340 Queen St, Masterton
Cost: No cost


Course Information for “Do it with REAP – Referendum”

Course Tutor(s): Rachel MacKenzie is an experienced tutor that will assist you to understand how to download and use the COVID tracer app. Rachel has a National Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy and can support learners with a variety of learning methods.


Purpose of the Course:  Learn what you are voting on in the upcoming referendum

  • Participants will learn about…
    • Explore the 2 questions that are being voted on: Cannabis Legalisation and End of Life Choice
    • Understand how to make a vote
    • Understand what happens when the votes are counted

Other information: This workshop covers how to vote, not who to vote for.

Pre-requisites (if any):  None

Participants Must Provide:  None

REAP May Provide on request (if any):  NA.

Please contact for any further information you may require.