# 07750 Earth and Astronomy 101

A seven-week course

This exciting programme will lead you from our Planet earth to the night sky. From the physical processes that have shaped Earth to climate change and how we know that this is real;  what we might do to help. Then moving on out into the night sky.. our solar system, galaxies, the Astronomers who have made discoveries, aliens, black holes, theories and questions! Becky and Rachel will have you on the edge of your seats.

To cap off this seven week series –  a night tour to look at all those astral wonders with telescope and binoculars.

This was a very popular course last year and with the addition of a couple of sessions looking at Planet Earth, we are sure it will have wide appeal.

Dates: Thursdays; 13, 20, 27 May, 3, 10, 17, 24 June 2021

Times: 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Tutor: Becky Bateman and Rachel Griffiths
Venue: Rangitumau Room, REAP House, 340 Queen Street, Masterton
Cost: $150

Must Enrol by: Monday 10 May.




Course Information for …   Earth and Astronomy 101

Course Tutor(s): Becky Bateman and Rachel Griffiths

Purpose of the Course:  

Very experienced tutors will share their scientific knowledge and backgrounds to teach about:

    • Our Place in Space – how the Sun and Planets were born.  Learn that the Earth has a crust, a mantle and an iron core and how that creates important magnetic fields.  Looking at the Moon formation and how the moon is used for calendars, understand moon phases and how it relates to tides and day length.  Brief introduction into Goldilocks zones and how this is important for plants around stars.
    • Physical processes –  how the Earth became what it is today.  Delve into the history of tectonic plates and how we know what they are.  Overview on earthquakes, volcanoes, water cycle, carbon cycle, atmosphere and how everything effects everything else.
    • Climate Change and humans’ effect on Planet Earth – how we know Climate Change is real.  Look at glaciers, salt and fresh water, positive and negative cycles.  Debunking common climate change myths. 
    • Solar System, planets, moons, the sun, Pluto and the dwarf planets
    • Galaxies, cosmology and larger scale objects.  Learn about important historical astronomers. 
    • Star life, and death, black holes, neutron stars, Big Bang theory, multiverse theory. Aliens, extremophiles and more… where to look for life out there
    • A night tour with telescope and binoculars at a place and time to be decided .  Learn how to navigate using the stars, recognise constellations and stars, using the teleescope and binoculars to look for planets, the moon and clusters.

Other Information:  A very popular course.

Pre-requisites (if any): None; an enquiring mind, many questions

Participants Must Provide:  nothing

REAP May Provide on request (if any):  NA

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Please contact community@reapwairarapa.nz for any further information you may require.