Driving on the wrong licence?  or don’t have a licence?

Date: Mon 1st July, Tue 2nd July, Wed 3rd July, Thur 4th July

(Sit test of Thursday 4th or Friday 5th in the day time at AA in Masterton.  You need suitable ID to sit the test, see the options from information from Heartland Services)

Class Time: 6.00 – 9.00pm

Venue: Eketahuna Health Centre, 1 Bengston St, Eketahuna

Cost: $120 (includes licence test fee)

Tutor: Darren Poona

Course Number: #06693

Enrolment: Enrol at Eketahuna Health Centre or online on the link below

Organiser: Shirley Jones

Phone: 0272227693

Email: shirley.jones@waireap.org.nz

ENROL HERE (Please copy the Course Number so you can use it on the enrolment form.)