#41035 KAI SECURITY – Growing enough food to feed your whānau

)A four-week hands-on workshop around how to best create kai security for your whānau – growing an abundance of food in your own garden to feed your family. This course is designed for learners who are keen to create their own edible garden but don’t know where to start, and for those home gardeners who want to further their knowledge.   

Dates:     18 March – 1 April 2023 (3-weeks)
Times:    Saturday Afternoons,  2:00pm-5:00pm
Tutor:     Manaia Carswell
Venue:  Manaia’s Maraa Kai (Garden), 76 Totara Park Drive, Masterton
Cost:       $40/20 with Community Services Card

Must Enrol by: 16 March 2023


Course Information for #41035 Kai Security

Course Tutor(s):  Manaia Carswell

“Growing Kai for me is about feeding my family and being independent. Starting from a humble pumpkin plant that sprouted accidentally in a burn pile in the paddock 12 years ago, to planning and planting out a 14 row maara kai that fed my household and wider whanau and friends over last summer. Giving us multiple meals, jars and jars of preserves for the winter months, and hours of pleasure watching the plants grow. Growing your own kai not only saves you money, it is a survival skill, one that you can pass onto your whanau. I hope that this course will give students the confidence to start their own maara kai journey, and help to grow their whanau kai security.”


Purpose of the Course:  

By the end of this course, learners will have gained some knowledge, skills, and confidence to plan, plant, maintain and harvest from their own home garden.

Learners will learn about many facets of gardening including no-dig lasagne gardens, composting, companion planting, seed saving, crop rotation, micro-climates, and gardening to the season.

Other Information:  This course will run all-weather – rain or shine.   If raining, learners need to dress appropriately for the weather.

Sessions will be a mixture of sharing knowledge around the kitchen table as well as practical hands-on activities in the maara kai (garden).

Participants Must Provide:  Gardening gloves (if you don’t like getting your hands dirty)


Please contact  reception@reapwairarapa.nz for any further information you may require.