#WAI-36539 NZ Sign Language (Masterton)

Sign language is an important tool to communicate with those who are deaf and hard-of-hearing, but did you know it has been proven that sign language is an effective way for parents to communicate with their children in their early development years (even if they are not hearing impaired), improving all aspects of your child’s ability to communicate?

Come along to this course and learn New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) in a fun and supportive environment. This 10-week course will take you from absolute basics through to a becoming confident signing communicator.

Dates:  26 July – 27 September 2021 (10-weeks)
Times: Monday nights, 6pm – 8pm
Tutor: Candice David
Venue: Rangitumau Room, REAP House, 340 Queen Street, Masterton
Cost: $60 with community services card/$40 without community services card

Must Enrol by: 21 July 2021


Course Information for  NZ Sign Language (Masterton) 10-weeks

Course Tutor(s):

Candice David is a highly experienced tutor who has a Certificate of Deaf Studies.  Candice has worked for Deaf Aotearoa, teaching First Signs Focus on 0-5 year old children and supporting their families using NZSL at home. Candice has also taught NZSL courses to businesses, hospitals and Government agencies.

Purpose of the Course:  

  • Participants will:
    – gain confidence to use NZ Sign Language at home, work, school, or in the community
    – be able to communicate effectively with a person who is hard-of-hearing
    – have an understanding of NZ Sign Language.

Pre-requisites (if any):  No

Participants Must Provide:  n/a


Please contact community@reapwairarapa.nz for any further information you may require.