If you would like learning in this area next year please let us know and we can start up interest in 2020.

You can bring your own laptop or borrow one from REAP and spend 6 weeks learning more about how your PC computer will work for you achieving the things you want to, gaining confidence to use your computer more competently and independently.

You will consolidate basic skills and processes as you move on and  learn new processes and skills, expanding what you are able to do and  up-skilling what you already know.

Andre will discuss with learners on the first night what they wish to learn over the next six weeks  so that the course is tailored to suit the them. But the type of thing covered might be …..

using Word to create documents/pdfs, writing a letter with headers and Footers, using Excel for lists, activities in a Hobby, accessing Social Media sites, etc

Laptops should be running Windows 10.

Please note: This course is not for Apple Mac users however we do run Apple courses and you should enquire when this might happen.

Course numbers #07027

Where: REAP House

When: Wednesdays, Oct 16 – Nov 10

Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Cost   $120

ENROL HERE (Please copy the Course Number so you can use it on the enrolment form.)