REAP What You Sew.  #07243

Thank you for your patience sewers. This course will restart and give you your last 3 sessions with your tutor, Robyn Wyeth. we look forward to seeing your sewing projects through to completion.

 If you are a keen sewer with some experience but you would like to learn more intricate skills, please register your interest in another intermediate course with us, and we will see if there is enough interest for Robyn to repeat this course at a later date. 


Dates: June 9, 16, 23 (to complete this course)
Times: 6:45pm – 9:00pm
Tutor: Robyn Wyeth
Venue: REAP House, 340 Queen Street, Masterton
Cost: Learners completing a course interrupted by Covid-19

Must Enrol by: Existing enrolees


Reap What you Sew.  #07243

Course Tutor(s):  Robyn Wyeth is a well known local seamstress, a teacher of fabric, sewing skills and fitting patterns and garments to your shape.

Purpose of the Course:  Learners will bring their own sewing project, pattern and fabric or a garment to reshape and remake. 

  • Participants will learn about…
    • fitting clothes and or patterns to work for your shape
    • how to enlarge or make a pattern smaller before cutting it out
    • how to interpret and follow the guide sheet from the pattern
    • some more advanced sewing skills like zips, collars, sleeves

Other Information:  If you have garments in your wardrobe that you still love but for what ever reason no longer work for you, bring them to show Robyn, who specialises in recycling ready made garments to have a new life.


Pre-requisites (if any):  This is not a beginners course.It is for intermediate sewers, used to cutting out a pattern and reading a pattern/ guide sheet.

Participants Must Provide:  BYO Sewing machine and sewing tools, Bring at least one garment that you love and think suits you. BYO fabric and pattern for your sewing project if starting new.

REAP May Provide on request (if any):  Extension cords to machines

This information can be downloaded here.

Please contact reapplus@reapwairarapa.nzfor any further information you may require.