#38319 Recycled Jewellery Workshop (Earrings)

Making jewellery using recycled materials is a cost-effective and ethical way to enjoy creativity.  Re-use old pieces of family jewellery, or items from your local op shop to turn the discarded into a wardrobe staple.  In this workshop, you will learn new techniques as you make two pairs of unique, one-of-a-kind earrings out of second-hand items.


Course Code: 38319
Dates:    Sunday 3rd July 2022
Times:   1:00pm – 4:00pm
Tutor:    Angie Van Manen
Venue:  REAP House, 340 Queen Street, Masterton
Cost:      $90

Must Enrol by:   27 June 2022  – Limited spaces


COURSE INFORMATION FOR #38319 – Recycled Jewellery Workshop (Earrings)

Course Tutor: Angie van Manen

Angie van Manen has been making and selling recycled jewellery for around 15 years.  While living in London she was part of a women’s recycling cooperative selling work in eco fairs and local galleries.  Angie’s work has sold at various outlets in New Zealand and is now currently for sale at Aratoi Design Museum in Masterton, and Veronica’s in Newtown, Wellington.

Purpose of the Course:

Recycled jewellery can be a cheap way of creating something incredibly beautiful, is kind to the planet, is a way of ethically sourcing materials, and honours jewellery creations made and worn by women who lived before us.

 Participants will learn a variety of techniques to make earrings using second-hand beads provided or bits taken from their own jewellery stash.  

 Course Outline:  

  • Tutor will demonstrate different jewellery making techniques 
  • Participants will have a play with materials and earring styles
  • Tutor will support participants as they create their very own beautiful and unique earrings.

Participants to bring: Any items and old jewellery that you have and would like to re-use.

Pre-requisites (if any):  n/a

Please contact community@reapwairarapa.nz for any further information you may require.