About REAP Schools’ Programmes 

Thank you for your ongoing support of REAP’s Schools’ Programmes. We are continually working on the improvement of our Handbook, making it even better and more useful to schools as you plan extension/enrichment and other activities for your students.

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Our workshops/programmes are not intended to take the place of schools’ own programmes, or to give a  critique on where students may fit on a scale. Their purpose is to light the fire of enthusiasm for a subject  (or to fan existing flames), to broaden horizons and to stimulate thinking. They give an opportunity for a student to be immersed with a small group of like-minds, and to work without interruption while focused on the same topic.


We have included learning objectives and information to help you to select students – please read these carefully and send the right students from the stated year groups. We encourage you to take risks about the selection of children who may benefit from exposure to the workshop topic.  However we cannot accept    students who are a ‘risk’ when it comes to behaviour – if you have any doubts about how a student will behave then they are not the right student to send.  


We believe the best way for students to share the learning they have done at REAP programmed events with their school is for their teachers to talk to them about it, using the learning objectives as a guide to questioning. We will email you on the last day of the course with the course information and any handouts to enable you to have those conversations with your students when they return to the classroom.

We will also email an online evaluation to you for students to complete and we encourage you to undertake this exercise as soon as students return to school. The evaluation is an important part of our work; not only does it assist us with future planning, it provides valuable feedback to ensure our programmes are relevant and meeting needs of staff and students.

Please take the time to complete the evaluations to let us know what worked well and what didn’t work so well. We welcome feedback good or bad.

NB: Places for programmes are limited, and we ask that you are thoughtful in the number of places you request.  Nominating a specific number of named students gives us an indication of your commitment to the programme.  

REAP will allocate places to each school and then request names if they have not already been provided. Should substitution of one child for another be deemed better as the workshop approaches, please ensure you advise REAP at least three working days before the class dates