Te Ataarangi is a more total immersion way of learning Te Reo.  Te Ataarangi is well-known for the use of coloured Cuisenaire rods as a learning tool.  It’s an effective language-learning technique that encourages you to speak. In Te Ataarangi, the language is taught alongside Māori customs and values.  This class will run for the year in termly blocks.

Beginners class.

Course Number: 06742
Dates: 8 Wednesdays starting Wednesday 20th February
Time: 6.00  – 8.00pm
Venue: Te Awhina Cameron Community House, 2 Stuart Cres, Masterton
Tutor: Edith Rolls
Cost: $40 for the year, can be paid termly, directly to Te Ataarangi via the tutor.

Organiser: Tracy Graham
Phone: 06 377 1379
Email: tracy.graham@reapwairarapa.nz