Technology Bytes – A monthly workshop to help you learn and problem solve with your technology.

Note that each workshop is a stand alone and should be enrolled in separately so that you can pick and choose your learning. Each evening will be limited to 6 learners.

These workshops will each be two hours and will cover what the topic says. If you would like extra 1;1 help, Tracy, our tutor,  you can book a 15 minute 1:1 session with her between 6:30pm – 7pm prior to the evenings workshop. This would carry  an additional cost of $0.00

Technology Bytes Timetable

To be held ( mostly) on the last Monday of each month. Please be aware,there are a couple of exceptions to this.

25 Feb – Basic Operations of your device ( go over basic vocabulary , what it means, what buttons/icons mean and do, wifi, mobile data, useful screens ). #06708

25 March –  Emails, Messages and Answering calls ( contact list, add, delete contacts, processes to follow to receive, send save messages) #06709

29 April  – Personalising your device to suit you ( go into settings to set your device to receive, do as you want) #06727

Course numbers for these below TBA Please contact us and register names for interest.

27 May – Everything about Apps (what are they, where to find them, download them, use them)

24 June – Exploring the Internet ( safety, searing, key words, bookmarking, iCloud)

29 July – Cameras and Photos on your devices ( how to use, store, share and manage these capabilities)

26 Aug – Bluetooth, Podcasting ,Chromecast ( using your devices to connect and access other technology)

23 Sept – Files and Folders ( where and how do you save what you wish to keep)

21 Oct – Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, viber, skype  ( how to communicate with family and friends, keep up with the world)

25 Nov – Internet/Streaming/TV – Chromecast, Apple TV, Smart TV, ( see how your technology can help you to watch

Where: At REAP House Masterton

Cost: $30 and $15 extra if doing a 1:1 session