Tips for Parents (Featherston) #37288

Learn some tips and tricks to be a confident parent.  This program will be delivered over 6 weeks on Friday mornings and is aimed at parents of school-aged children.

Dates: Friday 5th November to Friday 10th December
Times: 9.30am – 11.30am
Tutor: Tracy Graham
Venue: Featherston Community Centre

Must Enrol by: 2nd November


Course Information for …   Tips for Parents (Featherston) #37288

Course Tutor(s):  Tracy Graham has over 15 years of experience delivering a range of parenting classes and will give you some practical tips to take away.

Purpose of the Course:

This course will be based on the S.K.I.P. 6 principles of parenting:

  • Warmth and love
  • Talking and listening
  • Guidance and understanding
  • Limits and boundaries
  • Consistency and consequences
  • Structure and security

By the end of the course:

Learners have increased confidence in parenting

Learners have a range of parenting strategies

Pre-requisites (if any):  Aimed at parents of school aged children

Participants Must Provide:  Nothing

REAP May Provide on request (if any):  NA.

Please contact for any further information you may require.