Nga Pumanawa Tupuna is a work-readiness programme targeting the development of the essential soft-skills and habits necessary for success in the world of work (and in many ways, in life).

Issue: Successful transitions by rangatahi Maori from school or foundational education into further education, training, or work continue to be problematic across the Wairarapa compared to other populations. For instance, NEET rates in the Wairarapa (MBIE data) are well above national averages while in Masterton, which accounts for well over half of the region’s population, the NEET rate sits at 24% (MBIE). Regional staff at the Ministry of Social Development inform us that Maori, as they are nationally, are disproportionately represented in these NEET figures – a trend that seemingly continues into adulthood for many Maori. Unemployment for Maori in the Wairarapa is on average two and half times that of the general population (Infometrics data).

Additionally, industry and business leaders across the region inform us that many young people are not developing the employability skills needed in the workplace. Employers commonly state they can teach the technical work-related skills, but young people need to be ready or better prepared in terms of the necessary attitudes and soft skills to learn and then earn in the workplace.

Proposed Solution: Nga Pumanawa Tupuna (the strengths and talents of the ancestors’) initiative will target (predominantly but not exclusively)  rangatahi Maori and build the skills, attitudes, habits, and confidence necessary to effectively transition into further education or training or directly into employment.

Vacancies exist for…

Kaiarahi (Tutors/Facilitators)   x 3  (Vacancy Number  NPT 001)

Kaiarahi Oranga Pai   x 1  (Vacancy Number  NPT 002)

Administrator   x 1 (Vacancy Number  NPT 003)

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