REAP Aotearoa

REAP Aotearoa is the national body which represents 13 REAPs delivering education opportunities to our rural communities in order to make a difference to the lives and long term plans of rural people. Working collaboratively with local partners including Iwi and Hapu is key to this progress. 

Our foundation statement is : 

‘developing rural communities through quality lifelong education’ 

Our guiding principles are: 

1. We acknowledge Te Tiriti o Waitangi as the founding document of our nation and the human rights platform for our work. 

2. We believe in working collaboratively to include diverse skills and views and build social capital. 

3. We believe in sharing leadership to grow the REAP movement. 

4. We believe in active engagement with our communities to build community sustainability and resilience. 

REAP Aotearoa provides: 

• Leadership to and with the 13 REAPs 

• Sound infrastructure that supports proactive quality education opportunities for the whole community. 

• Represents the work of REAPs at a national level through networks and Government as a consistent, credible leader of rural education. 

• Uniqueness 

• Trust 

• Relevance 

• Resilience 

• Social capital development 


• Partnership 

• Treaty-based practice 

• Cultural responsiveness 


Leadership/Unifying the ‘movement’ 

Human rights approach to
community development is fully
embraced by all parts for the REAP
REAP Aotearoa has the capacity
and capability at governance and
implementation level to fulfill a
national unifying role.


Support of REAPs 

The governance, management and
staffing of REAPs are sustainable
and resilient, and are active
participants in the development of
the REAP movement.


Leadership/Unifying the ‘movement’

Decision makers and influencers in the wider community who are seeking partners in community development through education, know about our value, purpose, values and impact. 


Influence government policy 

Influence local and national government policy about the approach to rural community development that REAPs uniquely and successfully practices. 

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